Yikes, I Hired the Wrong Person

Yikes, I Hired the Wrong Person!

Has it Happened to You?

Have you ever thought: “Yikes, I hired the wrong person”? Hiring a misfit can be disastrous on many levels. The whole culture of your workplace can be affected.  Good employees may leave out of frustration. The new hire can cause havoc and make costly mistakes. And you may be charged with firing the one you hired. I’m sure it stressed you out if you ever felt like you have hired the wrong person.

Avoid Bad Hires with APPEAL

Your first order of business is to write a thorough job description including as much as you can on what will be required of the employee.  You will never hire the best fit for the job if you don’t have a clear idea on what is needed.

After you have a good job description then you need to find candidates.  Gather input from team members, other staffers and trustworthy industry contacts.  A highly successful approach in choosing new hires is the APPEAL formula – Assess, Prepare, Probe, Evaluate, Agree, Launch.  This same formula can be applied when promoting or reassigning an employee.

By applying the APPEAL formula, interviewers will become better prepared as they probe with better questions that result in better answers enabling interviewers to evaluate more effectively how well the prospective new hire will match up with the job and the company.

If you take time for your interviews and follow this advice, you should have no problem recruiting the most suitable candidates. Put the time in on the front end so you don’t end up with an employee that upsets your team.

We have a recorded webinar on Managing & Motivating Your Team you will find helpful.

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