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Writing Like A Pro: Quick Tips To Improve Writing Skills

4 tips to improve writing skills and learn to write like a pro!

Avoid Technicalese

Technicalese is the overblown style that makes writing sound as if it were written by a robot. Sometimes it’s tempting to use technicalese as a way to emphasize our knowledge of the topic. However, loading up your writings with jargon, clichés, antiquated phrases, and passive sentences only makes your text more complex than it needs to be. Make your writing more direct and vigorous by using the active voice to overcome this habit.

For example:

Passive: Security of a credit card is provided by the four digit pin code.

Active: The four digit pin code provides credit card security.

Lengthy Sentences

Lengthy sentences tire your readers. A survey by Harvard professor D. H. Menzel indicates that a sentence becomes difficult to understand when it exceeded 34 words.  An easy way to improve writing skills is to test how readable your writing is at www.readability-score.com and correct where suggested.

KISS – Keep it Simply Simple

Don’t use overblown expressions such as “it is a well-known fact that” or “it is the purpose of this writing to”. These take up space but add little meaning and clarity. Use simple words instead of wordy phrases.

Be on the Lookout

When you are reading an article, website or blog, always be on the lookout for excellent writing. When you find it consider the writer’s style, sentence structure, succinct directions and descriptions. Think about ways you can adapt a writing technique you like into your own writing and improve your writing skills in no time!

Need more help? Hemingway App is a great free tool that does some basic checks and can improve writing skills even further.

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