Wow Your New Hire!

Helping your new hire get off on the right foot starts before their first day. New employee indoctrination begins with how they learn about the opportunity, the interview process and how they are introduced to their new job and co-workers. Starting a new job is stressful, exciting and challenging. What can you do to make it positive?

Prepare a review packet for the interview. This includes the job description, the vision and mission of the company. Solicit feedback from your staff on why they like to work for the company. This way you can include “Testimony from the Troops” so the prospect can get a look at the company from an employee’s perspective.

As the supervisor, phone your new hire a day or two before they start. This is where the real indoctrination begins; where the first impression starts to form for your newest staff member. Tell them what name they are to call you, confirm what name they like to be called. Express how enthused you are to have them on your team. Review with the new employee how the first day will go and what to expect the first week. Give them your cell phone number and tell them day one lunch is on you. If there is an after-hours number share it so they can give it to family members, and this is the perfect entree to discussing texting and personal phone call boundaries on the job.

Talk about dress code and invite them to park in a special place on their first day – as close to the front door as possible. Explain this will be the only day they park there but you want their first day to be as easy and comfortable as possible.

Ask your new employee to come in 5-10 minutes early and that you will be waiting for them at the door. Greet them with a handshake and a notebook. Tell them the notebook is a central place they can make notes and write down questions or store information they want to hang on to. Let them know that each day you will visit with them about what is in the notebook.

Ask them to share a few things they like for people to know about them – maybe favorite places to vacation or where they grew up, etc. Take their photo to be used in introducing them to others and explain that you are personally committed to making them a part of the team! Put the photo to use immediately by making a poster for the coffee bar and send out an announcement informing other departments about your new employee. Ask those you email to call or fax a welcome to your newest team member.

Get your new hire off on the right foot. Wow them like you want them to wow customers, co-workers and you! Help them feel a part of versus a part from the team immediately!

Still learning,