Wild Workers

Are your workers wild about where they work?  Do they enjoy being together?  Do they find value in what they do everyday?

As a supervisor in any organization you know you are doing well when your workers seem to thrive in the working environment.  I know I’ve walked into some establishments and felt a light-hearted mood in the air.  I wanted to do business with those people.  I’ve also walked into places where I wanted to turn and run because I felt a bit of hopelessness in the air.
Develop your own team into one who is wild about where they work.  Work of course cannot be all fun and games but it doesn’t have to be nose to the grindstone for 8 hours straight either.

The first step in developing an invigorating culture is to start with a great group of employees.  Prepare well and ask the right questions at every interview and you will end up with a talented team of wild workers!

To develop a top-quality workforce:

  • Develop the largest pool of qualified candidates possible
  • Establish a careful candidate selection process
  • Perform appropriate background checks
  • Collaborate with all key stakeholders in making a selection
  • Create a new hire responsibility checklist for successful indoctrination
  • Make an employment offer that confirms your position as an employer of choice
  • Onboard your new hire in a style that reinforces they made an outstanding choice to accept your offer
  • Confirm and track the role stakeholders play in the success of the new hire

My passion is helping others improve their working environment.  Listen in on one of my webinars or attend a workshop for CE credit.  Here’s our event calendar.

Still learning,

Honey Shelton