Why Do Customers Stop Coming Back?

Why Do Customers Stop Coming Back?

There are many reasons why customers stop coming and take their business elsewhere. Sometimes this is simply unavoidable because the customer moves or is persuaded by a friend or family member with a powerful opinion. But what about the reasons you can impact? Are you influencing their decision to come back where you can?

Here are three key factors that you can control and will keep your customers coming back. When you excel at these, perhaps you can turn your customers into those who persuade their friends and family to bring business to you!

Indifferent Employee Attitude

If you don’t care about the customer, why should they care about you? You have to understand the customer’s point of view. This is especially true in a community bank or credit union where people are attracted to the personal treatment they miss from corporate businesses.

Unsatisfactory Product

If your product doesn’t live up to the customer’s expectations, you’ll have a hard time keeping them. The product could simply be unappealing or –worse– not as advertised or overly complex to understand. Do you see the value of the products you are selling or do they leave you feeling indifferent? Do you understand how they work? It’s not shameful if you don’t, perhaps the product is simply to complex. In either case you should start a dialog.

Grow your Local Economy

Local businesses have a chance to make a real difference in the community. Unlike corporate banks, the growth of your community bank or credit union is directly tied to the growth of the community. Today’s customers care much more about how the brands align with their personal beliefs. They care about how businesses treat their employees and what impact they have on their community. Make the most of this and take part in or organize community events. Become the brand of the people.

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