The Key to Unlock Employee Potential

The Key to Unlock Employee Potential

Dedicated managers want their employees to reach their full potential. They are always on the lookout for ways to accomplish this. We want to share two options that can help you, as a manager, to unlock the full employee potential.

Develop the Art of Becoming Nonjudgmental

In other words: Avoid criticizing others. Easy for the wise manager. Difficult for the clever one. Impossible for the self-righteous leader. Work on this technique using these four simple guidelines:

  • Listen and speak without personal judgment of the person.
  • Encourage the employee to self-evaluate.
  • Compare what employees do to what you expect of them.
  • Help employees discover the responsibility, options, and satisfaction that come with doing good work.

Conduct On-Purpose Coaching Sessions

Coach each employee on a monthly basis. How long, you ask? That depends on what your employee wants to accomplish. It could be 10 minutes or 45. Think of these coaching moments as a time for your employee to talk about what is working, what isn’t working, what they need, and ask for your feedback. Make the most of this and:

Remember: Be the manager you wish you had. If you have a manager you wish you were like, mimic their choices. This is the key to unlocking employee potential!

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