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Training Matters is a podcast aimed at bank trainers. In every 20-30 minute episode, you will hear valuable insights from experts on how to elevate the quality of training and coaching at your company. Training Matters tackles training issues that matter to you and your company; From compliance concerns to current hot topics. Add this page to your bookmarks or find us on Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcasting app and subscribe to improve training performance at your company!

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Creating an Atmosphere of Excellence for Team Members and Customers - Training Matters

Establish a climate in which team members can thrive and customers have memorable experiences. Listen and learn how to create an atmosphere of excellence!

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Do you have a fool-proof process for your compliance concerns?

Compliance expert Mary Beth Guard discusses compliance concerns in a world in which new privacy scandals seem to emerge weekly. Do you have a fool-proof process in place for compliance concerns? Find out what you need to pay attention to.

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Advice from a Coaching Expert - Training Matters episode 35 with featured guest Pamela Grant

Honey Shelton talks to coaching expert Pamela Grant about being stuck in a rut. Do you have a coworker that interrupts you at the most inconvenient times? Pamela will teach you how to set boundaries and deal with intrusiveness.

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Deepening the Human Connection - Training Matters Episode 34 with featured guest Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan discusses the human connection and why a human connection is so important to your business in today’s ever-increasing digital world.

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Staying One Step Ahead of Your HR Headaches - Training Matters Episode 32 with Honey Shelton and featured guest Stacey Barnier

Stacey Barnier talks about today’s HR headaches, keeping employees engaged, and which challenges, such as sexual harassment concerns, the HR department should stay ahead of in 2018.

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Process Improvement for the Front Desk and the Call Center - Training Matters Episode 32 with Honey Shelton and featured guest Karen Wiehoff

Is this really the best use of my time? How often do you ask yourself that question? I bet quite often! We all strive to be more efficient with our time, effort, and money. Where we often fail is in deciding what on a process to make a meaningful change or break a bad habit.

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