Trainers will learn how to make their presentations, handouts, worksheets, and training manuals stand out. Our Train the Trainer: Impactful Designs course complements Train the Trainer: Training Foundations to round out your training skills.

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In our Train the Trainer: Impactful Designs course, trainers will strengthen their techniques to build, create, and deliver:

The A-E Professional Development Model

The A-E Professional Development Model was developed by Honey Shelton and is based on her 30 years of experience with adult learning and expertise on training retention. The model identifies five competencies that guide trainers during the entire training process. Users of the model will become keenly aware that the goal is for the learner to learn and not for the trainer to train. Using the model ensures that trainee leave the training session with knowledge, skill and motivation that translates into meaningful results. Our Train the Trainer: Impactful Designs program focuses on the Create and Deliver module.


Uncover problem areas, establish the rationale and benefits, solicit input. Consider geographical, budgetary and time constraints.


Establish learning objectives, engineer a flow for the training program, onboard subject matter experts, and resource content.


Design the right learning tools that complement the content and target the learning objectives. Incorporate engagement techniques to maximize learning.


Fine-tune timing, staging, learner engagement. Learn to take control of the room and anticipate challenges. Display confidence, interest, and personality.


Circle back to the learning objectives and the primary stakeholders. Solicit feedback and ensure the training translated into on-the-job results.

Our experts will demonstrate how to make training materials promote involvement and become more engaging. Participants will become keenly aware that the materials must compliment the speaker. Trainers don’t have to tell attendees everything they know. Rather they must find avenues for the attendee to leave a training program with the skill and motivation to apply what they learned.

These topics are covered during Train the Trainer: Impactful Designs

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The Train the Trainer: Impactful Designs course is part of our certification program. Fulfill all five requirements and become a certified professional! Becoming certified means you will be part of a network of alumni to share resources and ideas with.

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