This Text Could Be Hazardous to Your Health

After years of controversy the World Health Organization has determined that the energy used to power cell phones may trigger brain cancer in some users.  The information, as it was disseminated today says that 31 scientists from14 countries, including the United States, reviewed peer group studies on cell phone safety to conclude that mobile phone use “possibly” could cause cancer. 
They say that radiation emitted from cell phones is called non-ionizing—similar to low powered microwaves.  However, cell phones are now in the same hazardous category as engine exhaust, lead and chloroform. It is reported that the studies were simply reviews and not in a controlled environment.  Obviously more research needs to be conducted to draw a definite conclusion. 
Will we see cell phone usage minimize as a result of this new report?   I don’t think so.  We have a worldwide addiction to our friend the cellphone whether that’s a Blackberry, a SmartPhone or whatever we call our BFF.  Many people, including myself, become panicky if we lose or break this constant contact attachment. 
So, what will we do with this new information?  What we can do is to make smart choices when using our cell phones.  We can use a headset so that the cell phone is not against our ear; use an adapter in the car allowing the call to go through the  radio; use the speaker feature allowing hands-free operation; and when at home use the old-faithful house phone.
Whether or not cell phone usage will cause brain cancer remains to be seen. However, what we do know about the hazards of cell phones is texting and talking while driving is extremely dangerous. The greatest percentage of single vehicle accidents each year is the result of distracted driving due to cell phone use; many of which are fatal.  Distracted driving cost 6,000 people their lives last year and injured over 500,000.  Maybe the best choice would be to choose to pull off the side of the road when making a call or texting, or better yet commit to no cell phone use while driving.   
Your life and the life of those around you is certainly more important than whatever message the cell phone is trying to deliver. 
Still learning,