The Employee Experience

Employee Engagement begins and ends with the employee experience. Now more than ever we are in challenging times to find the right fit, or any fit at all. What does our employee experience look like today? What do we want it to look from the attracting to employees departing our organization? We have to step through their journey with our organization and see everything we do through their lens if we are going to attract and retain A-listers. Let’s step through each phase of their journey.

1. Attract: Recruiting top talent has become increasing difficult and the pandemic has continued to complicate this. We need to be aware of the increased flexibility that our workplaces have allowing, working from home, a flex schedule. For those of us that don’t offer some sort of flexibility in this new world, this will present some challenges for you. We need to see what we look through the lens of our prospects. They are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing them. Step yourself through your “attract” process from the lens of the prospect and ask yourself, would I want I be interested in pursuing an opportunity here? Assess where you are in this respect and where you would like to be.

2. Hire: Hiring for the right fit not settling with best candidate is key for long-term success for your organization and for your new hire. If you settle for the best, this candidate may end up being the low performers in your organization and this is not what you want. Know what you are hiring for! What are the key attributes required to be a best fit for this job and rank them in order of importance.

3. On-boarding: What does your on-boarding process look like today? What do you want it to look like? On-boarding should not be an after thought and often times it is, not intentionally it’s just we all wear so many hats. We need to see everything through the lens of our new hire and enlist key people on your team to help create a stellar new hire experience. This is their time to affirm that they have made the right decision so lets not disappoint with lack of planning this experience for them.

4. Develop: Development continues after the on-boarding experience, and this will not be a one size fits all! We need to be purposeful about developing our people at an individual level. This is an important experience for the journey they have embarked on with our organization. This fuels continued engagement. The excitement of coming to work every day – the reason when asked to work somewhere else they are not interested because their current workplace fuels them rather than sucks the life out of them. It’s a culture they are proud to be a part of.

InterAction training can help you take a deeper dive into each one of these areas to help you enhance the employee experience!

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Vicki Kraai

Vicki Kraai, Chief Engagement Officer, has a passion for developing people for success in their roles and careers. Clients and program attendees value Vicki’s highly engaging “been there, done that” approach to all facets of her training and speaking engagements.