Tellers: Look the Part! – Managing Your Image

Managing your image

Your image is created by what people see, sense, hear and read about you.  Choose wisely in creating the image you want to have.

  • What you wear sends a powerful message to others.
  • Dress the way you want to be perceived.
  • Your body language, especially your posture and attention to grooming details, will convey confidence.
  • How you communicate verbally and in writing will reinforce or erode your professional maturity.
  • Know the dress code at your company, be a true role model.

More and more, the dress code is business-casual.  In establishing a business-casual dress code, employees are allowed to work comfortably. However, a professional image cannot be sacrificed for comfort.  So, it’s necessary that business casual clothes still uphold a high level of professionalism.

Tips for Business-Casual Dressing

  1. Observe those responsible for enforcing the dress code to help clarify the policy.
  2. Wear clothes that are well ironed, neat and well-fitted.  Do not wear wrinkled and untidy clothes to work.  Clothes should not be too tight or too loose.
  3. Do not compromise on the quality of the business-casual dress attire. Poor quality clothing shows wear quickly and will appear washed out or worn.
  4. Hair and facial hair should be well groomed.  Include your nails in the grooming process.
  5. When wearing skirts, women should make sure that they are not revealing when seated.
  6. Men should wear dark colored socks to a length that does not show their skin when seated.
  7. Watch out for what’s considered the latest fad in dressing such as flip flops, low-cut tops and jeans with short zippers that are skin tight or drag the floor.  These fads may be “in” but are not acceptable at work.

Here’s a free resource you might find helpful in managing your image!

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