Teller Coaching

Successful supervisors coach their team towards achievement. A bank teller equipped with great training and superior coaching will find success. In an atmosphere where team members can fully use their skills, knowledge and creativity, they reach the goals of the department and the company. The supervisor’s job is to encourage the team, organize ongoing work with clear direction and specific goals.

Learn to use the strengths of each team member. Challenge them to build a plan and execute it. Help them to see the value of what they do and how that value relates to the success of the team.

A supervisor who doesn’t know how to handle teller coaching, tends to hover. Hovering over the teller line will make the tellers feel anxious. That anxiety will show when they are talking with customers. We have designed a great webinar to help supervisors learn how to approach teller coaching, how to stop hovering and how to encourage their tellers towards greater efficiency and customer service excellence.

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