Teamwork Worked for the Mavs

I am a die-hard basketball fan.  I was a Rockets season ticket holder for years during the Hakeem and Rudy T. days.  My favorite month of the year is March.  In a perfect world I would be at every Final Four, every year!
What I love about the sport is that it’s unquestionably a team sport.  Everyone on the floor has to keep their eye on the ball, run and execute.  How fun for Dallas that they scored the ring this year. LeBron is taking plenty of heat (pun intended) that he couldn’t make it happen for Miami.  I think those critics are the talking heads that forgot the only time in modern history that we’ve seen basketball dominated by a one man show was when Jordan played for the Bulls.
In the business world when a team is easily identified, well-trained, shares a common rule book, looks up to an involved coach and works together to become champions you find a workplace with synergy and extreme job satisfaction.  It may be as rare in the work world as it is in the NBA to find a team that works their heart out and ends up on the top of the heap.  
Lessons to be learned for leadership include how you create a true team, expect greatness, clarify purpose and rules of the game, train, coach, practice, look at the replays, learn from what works and what doesn’t and celebrate every step of the way!
Still learning,