Take Your Professionalism Up a Notch

Ever noticed how some people light up a room when they walk in or how some others might light up a room by walking out of it?  How you light up a room will have much to do with your managerial presence.  Successful lead managers/supervisors encourage an atmosphere that demonstrates they and others deserve attention and respect.

To effectively manage your life, diligently seek new insights, stimulation, and intellectual and emotional development.  Never stop learning.  Keep the student in you learning.  Self-development is good for you and for your workplace.  Make the tiniest adjustments every day and soon you will be significantly improved.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.
Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”
-Henry Ford

Stay on top of current events

Read newspapers, magazines and industry-related publications to stay current with what is happening in the industry.

To sound intelligent, you must have something intelligent to say

It is almost impossible to have a polished, professional image with a poor vocabulary.  Attend classes on communication skills, have someone you trust critique pronunciation, diction, use of grammar, etc.  Use a thesaurus when you write.  Learn a new word a day.

Study Positive Role Models

When you meet someone you admire, study his or her style, speech, dress, and ideas.  Look for what you can use. Fight the fear and project poise when confronted by persons who intimidate you.  Breathe, breathe, breathe…  Focus on your strengths.  Make your self-talk positive, here’s our free guide to positive self-talk.  Recite affirmations.

Engage in Self-Assessment

Video and audiotape yourself. Listen to the message you leave on voice mail. Ask for feedback from a mentor or someone you trust.  Buy a full-length mirror and view yourself every day before leaving for work. Use our Free Teller Self-Assessment form.

If you’re not the expert seek the advice of one.

Learn what you need to know and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Value and honor the expertise in others. Observe what goes into persuasive presentations and adopt the tactics that feel right for you.

Safeguard Your Value/Power

Power and value are synonymous in business.  Our value (power) is realized by our competency when delivered by a self-control method.  When we choose to move away from self-control, the only thing that gets questioned is our competency.  Managers or supervisors that shout, berate, rant and rave, or demand lose power (value) within the organization.

The key to achieving self-management competency is establishing a strong sense of self-control.

Learn and use healthy boundaries. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t react when you are too mad, too glad, or too sad. Take note of how your emotions act out.

Still learning,