Take Charge of Your Thinking and Actions. Become Rare!

How many people do you meet that really love what they do? Seek out people who love what they do and that love where they work.  Interview them; ask lots of questions about what they do, why they love the job they have and the place where they work. Learn all you can from those that have what you want to have.  Maybe right now is the time for you to take stock of what you want, what you are willing to do to get it and get busy building a plan to accomplish what it is you would most like to do.

Due to a variety of circumstances and key factors such as education, opportunity abundance and location some of us have an advantage over others but loving what you do and where you do it is completely up to you.  Employers that want to attract and retain exceptional and productive workers are constantly evaluating what they need to have in place to encourage people to pursue being highly satisfied.  No doubt, this type of employer is rare – as rare as the employee that is pursuing what they love to do.

Don’t waste another day refusing to take charge of your thinking and your actions. Become rare!

If you need to work somewhere else build an extraordinary reputation where you are while you hunt for the right spot.  If you aren’t appreciated at work become the most satisfied person that isn’t appreciated you’ve ever met while you are seeking a place to work that can do a better job at appreciating others.

Discover where your passion is and pursue excelling at it. You won’t love or even like every aspect of what you need to do to ultimately do a job you derive high satisfaction from. Maturity is about understanding you can’t have it all but you can come very close. Wisdom is about understanding life, including work, is what you make of it. At times it will require relentless pursuit to obtain happiness; at times it will just seem like a breeze. Happiness and satisfaction are not for sissies.  Very much like the tide both roll in and roll out. Faith is knowing it will roll back in again.

Don’t wait to be happy. Don’t put off being satisfied with where you are.

Make a list of what you have to be grateful for every day.  Look around to see who you can say a prayer for or seek out someone that needs a smile.  Work at getting your mind off of topics that poison your spirit.  Foster kindness and courtesy by demonstrating it at least 10 times each day.  Let up on putting off being happy and satisfied.  Laugh more.  Add 10 acts of kindness on your to do list today.  Consider the law of the boomerang and realize what an amazing return on your investment is coming your way.

Explore who you are, where your talents lie, learn all you can and deliver more than is expected.  Champion life!  Become dedicated to doing your best to earn respect while you earn your paycheck.  Build muscle around being happy and satisfied where you are now. In our culture we are brainwashed that you need more of this and that in order to be happy.  Look around and you will see abundance without gratitude is not happiness.

The pursuit of happiness at home, at work, at life is exciting, it’s hard, it’s disappointing, and it’s a joy.  Look what the caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly.

This business of life and work can be a conviction of love or one of disgust.  It’s a choice.  What will you choose?

Still learning,