Time Management

Time Management Skills

Managing Your Time

When it feels like you never have enough time Taking charge of your time is easier said than done. First and foremost, realize that progress in this arena is what you’re after, not necessarily perfection. To effectively manage your time, it is vital to become well-acquainted with yourself and the real world you operate in. …

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Supervisors

Supervisors must master the art of juggling – staff, schedules, meetings, compliance concerns, goals that must be met, deadlines that won’t wait, on-going training needs, serving as a back-up for the employee that didn’t come in…the list goes on and on. We’ll discuss how to keep all the balls in the air without breaking a sweat.  This program will ramp up your leadership skills and address critical supervisory issues necessary to becoming an extraordinary supervisor.

Planning for Success blog post

Plot and Plan Your Success

Planning for success is hard. When it comes to achieving our goals, we often need that extra little push to keep going at some point. If we don’t get that nudge, we tend to lose motivation or even abandon our goal altogether. Why is following through so hard? What are we missing? Let’s find out! …

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Meeting Best Practices

Meeting Best Practices

Wasting Time on Unproductive Meetings is an Ongoing Issue It’s no secret that most employees would rather be working than sitting through an unproductive meeting. This is simply a consequence of not knowing why or how to meet. Follow these meeting best practices! Value Don’t meet for the sake of meeting. Your meeting must have …

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How's Your Relationship with E-Mail?

How Do You Organize Your Inbox?

How Do You Organize Your Inbox? DO you organize your inbox? When you open your inbox, do you hold your breath in fear of an avalanche of new e-mails? There’s no denying that e-mail makes us feel overwhelmed and anxious, even stressed. Each new message is screaming for attention and we usually feel obligated to …

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Writing Effective Emails from Honey Shelton's Blog

5 Email Best Practices

We get a lot of emails when we’re at work. The average number is around 80 per day. Without proper time management we quickly end up spending hours scrolling through and looking for a specific message. In the midst of email overload it’s easy to overlook something important. Practice the habit of cleaning up your …

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7 Ways To Ensure Efficient Meetings

7 Ways To Ensure Efficient Meetings

When something needs to be discussed we better call a meeting, right? Perhaps, perhaps not, but if you decide you do need a meeting, make sure it is efficient.  We have all spent hours in meetings that were not more than a waste of time. Charles Alvarez, business coach at Cornerstone Advisory Services shares how to ensure efficient …

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Fail to Plan? Plan to Fail

Fail to Plan

Fail to plan… plan to fail.  This quote, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, contains very wise words.  Sure, you can luck into some success but when you decide to plan, your chances for success increase tremendously.  If you don’t have a plan with some goals how do you even know if you have achieved what you …

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Be More Productive with Mind Mapping

Be More Productive with Mind Mapping

Before I can get anything produced I must get organized and come up with a plan, through mind mapping! Through mind mapping I can capture my ideas, visualize information, plan big projects, and manage my daily tasks. Tame Your Mind With Mind Mapping A creative mind is sometimes very hard to tame. I’m always on the search for useful …

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Managing Time is a Juggling Act

You know the challenges that come with managing time on the job!  Meetings here, there and everywhere, paperwork, phone calls, employees, customers, email… the list goes on and on. Here’s a few time management tips that will help you to not drop the ball and decrease your stress level! Everyday make a list of what is to …

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Setting Boundaries at Work

As you gain muscle with planning you will find that the need to establish and respect healthy, flexible boundaries will be important to your overall success. It may be challenging to set boundaries with yourself and others. Learn all you can about boundaries Research where the boundaries are and evaluate if they you find a boundary is missing in …

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