Talent Management

Train Smarter & More Effectively

A 90-minute webinar on learning how to design training that promotes learner involvement and how to properly use training manuals.

Staying One Step Ahead of Your HR Headaches - Training Matters Episode 32 with Honey Shelton and featured guest Stacey Barnier

Staying One Step Ahead of Your HR Headaches

Stacey Barnier talks about today’s HR headaches, keeping employees engaged, and which challenges, such as sexual harassment concerns, the HR department should stay ahead of in 2018.

Smart Investment Choices - Training Matters Talk Show

Smart Investment Choices

Questions about how to make smart investment choices? Whether you’re just starting out, retirement is around the corner, or you’re somewhere in the middle: This episode of Training Matters is for you! Suzie Jones will inspire you to look at your investments differently and take action! Tune in to get a better understanding of how to make …

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Talent Management Plan Wisconsin Banker Article featuring Honey Shelton

Do You Have a Talent Management Plan?

Talent Management Plans Develop Your People for enterprise-wide ROI by Amber Seitz This article appeared first in “Wisconsin Banker“ One of the most important investments an organization can make is to develop its staff. A recent Gallup study found that companies that have implemented strengths-based management practices have more engaging and productive workplaces, leading to …

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Bank Silos

Bank Silos

Are Your Departments Communicating with Eachother? Banks tend to develop into a silo mentality. Each team mixed together in its distinct discipline. Building team effort is very important in most any environment because within a group there are people whose skills are quite different. When we build a team, we have varied skills represented. The …

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Jump Start Bank Training with a Training Plan

Jump Start Bank Training

Do You Have a Training Plan at Your Bank or Credit Union? Not all banks or credit unions have a dedicated training department or even a training plan in place. Most of them probably should. The first question we must answer is  who owns training? Who is responsible for leading the charge, organizing the effort, …

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