Professional Maturity

10 Practices To Create and Present Engaging Training

You will notice a remarkable increase in learner engagement and a more natural interaction between speaker and screen. Stop fighting with your slides, start looking like a polished presenter and register now.

When to Coach? When to Supervise?

A supervisor is an agenda-setter who operates in a telling mode and conveys expectations. A supervisor has the power at their disposal that can influence the direct report’s pay, promotion, and performance evaluation. A coach avoids the telling mode and encourages the coachee to clarify what success means to them. An effective coach will orchestrate questions that foster self-discovery, personal accountability, and self-evaluation.

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Senior management needs to commit to education and discussions surrounding D & I. You will want your entire staff onboard with your company’s mission to embrace this topic.

Proactive Relationship Member Service

This program will focus on how to instill a culture of extraordinary through all stages of the customer relationship and how this will have an impact on your bottom line in producing meaningful results.

Six Best Practices for Perfect Teller Service

This session will focus on the top 6 best practices for a perfect customer experience and ways to help grow the relationship through active listening and providing solutions as train our tellers and front-line staff to be experts.

Planning for Success blog post

Plot and Plan Your Success

Planning for success is hard. When it comes to achieving our goals, we often need that extra little push to keep going at some point. If we don’t get that nudge, we tend to lose motivation or even abandon our goal altogether. Why is following through so hard? What are we missing? Let’s find out! …

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How to Create an Inclusive Workplace

How to Create an Inclusive Workplace

No two people are alike. We all have different backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions. Especially in the workplace, our uniqueness can cause friction or even lead to conflict if we don’t nurture a culture of inclusion. When properly managed and encouraged, a culture of inclusion unlocks some benefits we can’t achieve in any other way. Let’s …

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The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has such a beneficial impact on your confidence and health. Research consistently shows that positive thinking increases your life span and lowers your stress. It even makes you more resistance to certain diseases. We all know about these benefits, so why is it so hard for us to think positively? It’s quite simple. Negative …

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Learners Wanted! How To Stand Out?

Learners Wanted!

Google is one the most prized places to work. People who have applied there report that there’s a maze of interviews so rigorous you’d think they were designed to be impossibly tough.  In an article I read in the Houston Chronicle the director of personnel and hiring at the Internet giant of all giants says …

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5 Ways to Build an Enviable Workplace

5 Ways to Build an Enviable Workplace

Strategies to Boost Employee Satisfaction It doesn’t take a boatload of perks or high-priced consultants to make your branch a great place to work. Demonstrating a genuine interest in others, giving employees the responsibility and power to get their jobs done, and giving them respect all go a long way to elevating employee satisfaction. Respect …

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Nix Rudeness

You just can’t allow rudeness in your workplace.  Rudeness quickly ruins teamwork. Teamwork is a key element of a welcoming environment! Nix rudeness! A rude employee brings down the morale of his colleagues, decreasing productivity and work satisfaction. If the employee shows his rude side to co-workers or customers, he could hurt business. Rude behavior often falls …

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Successful Leadership Top 10

Moses didn’t bring these ten down from the mountain top but I suspect he’d think they help support what was on the tablets.  Are you mastering these key behaviors of a successful leader? Have integrity –  without it, everything else is for nothing.  Do what you say you are going to do. Be a grown-up …

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Role Models at Work

You have heard it said, “hitch your wagon to a star”,  if you want to get where you want to go.  Aim high.  Be in search of those that have done what you want to do.  Role models at work are the stars that have aimed high and hit the target.  A role model is …

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