Onboarding New-Hires

Talent Management Plan Wisconsin Banker Article featuring Honey Shelton

Do You Have a Talent Management Plan?

Talent Management Plans Develop Your People for enterprise-wide ROI by Amber Seitz This article appeared first in “Wisconsin Banker“ One of the most important investments an organization can make is to develop its staff. A recent Gallup study found that companies that have implemented strengths-based management practices have more engaging and productive workplaces, leading to …

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Training Matters Talk Show Episode 6 Take it Up a Notch at Your Branch

Take it Up a Notch at the Branch

Honey talks with InterAction Training’s very own Zack Merrill. Zack is a Certified Bank Training Professional and Senior Training Consultant. He was previously responsible for managing a branch, determining and developing training needs, and finding the right people for the bank. His unique combination of responsibilities has given him valuable insights in how to manage your branch …

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Learners Wanted! How To Stand Out?

Learners Wanted!

Google is one the most prized places to work. People who have applied there report that there’s a maze of interviews so rigorous you’d think they were designed to be impossibly tough.  In an article I read in the Houston Chronicle the director of personnel and hiring at the Internet giant of all giants says …

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Yikes, I Hired the Wrong Person

Yikes, I Hired the Wrong Person!

Has it Happened to You? Have you ever thought: “Yikes, I hired the wrong person”? Hiring a misfit can be disastrous on many levels. The whole culture of your workplace can be affected.  Good employees may leave out of frustration. The new hire can cause havoc and make costly mistakes. And you may be charged …

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Wild Workers

Are your workers wild about where they work?  Do they enjoy being together?  Do they find value in what they do everyday? As a supervisor in any organization you know you are doing well when your workers seem to thrive in the working environment.  I know I’ve walked into some establishments and felt a light-hearted …

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Wow Your New Hire!

Helping your new hire get off on the right foot starts before their first day. New employee indoctrination begins with how they learn about the opportunity, the interview process and how they are introduced to their new job and co-workers. Starting a new job is stressful, exciting and challenging. What can you do to make …

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