Management Development

Coaching Tellers to Excellence CU

How successful do you expect your tellers to be? How successful do they want to be? How big is the gap between what you want and what they deliver on? This program will help you see how you can put coaching techniques into your leadership skills and get positive and meaningful results.

Onboarding Your New Hire: Experience or Afterthought?

What does onboarding look like in your organization? What do you want it to look like? Onboarding should not be an afterthought as it is the new hire’s first impression of the company they are going to work for.

Managing a Successful Call Center

This webinar is intended to assist Call Center Managers in ensuring they have well-trained agents in the Call Center who execute their responsibilities and duties effectively, the Call Center’s internal processes are top-notch, and they know how to effectively use the technology.

How to Create an Engaged Workforce

What evidence do you have that your employees have a clear understanding of how their work aligns with your company goals and vision? Are they proud to be a member of your team, feel their skills and experience are fully utilized, and have everything they need to be successful in their role?

Hiring for the Right Fit and Beyond

Raise the bar when it comes to best practices for hiring for the right fit. Aimed at management and anyone that is involved in the hiring process, the interview and selection of new hires.

New Supervisor Essentials

What do you do when you were once a teammate and now you supervise the team? How do you juggle staffing, customer service, and pressing deadlines? Address your critical supervisory issues and become an extraordinary supervisor.

Creating a Collaborative Work Environment

In this session we will peel back the layers and ask the right questions about engagement and retention in our current environment above and beyond the topic of compensation. Believe it or not, money isn’t always the number one reason people leave their current employer.

Nailing Your Job of Head Teller

This webinar focuses on assisting the Head Teller to enhance their skill sets of being a revered leader and helping them learn how to assist their tellers into realizing their potential.

Managing a Successful Call Center CU

Almost all businesses today, have a Call Center for the convenience of assisting callers with inquiries, as well as conducting their financial business. Callers’ expectations include being directed to the right person who can assist them efficiently and effectively. Come learn how to manage the processes needed for an effective Call Center and explore options on how to guide and coach agents to being the best representation of your Credit Union.

Hiring for the Right Fit

This program will step you through the best practices of hiring for the right fit. Being intentional about training managers and supervisors on the hiring process is key to creating stellar teams.

The Triple Play of Supervisor Communication: O3s – Feedback – Coaching

If you want to score a homerun for employee development, start with a triple by holding one-on-one meetings, giving and receiving feedback, and learning to coach on a regular basis. If you could find the time to develop your employees and still get your work done, would you be willing to learn?

8 Keys to Teller Excellence

The 8 Keys to Teller Excellence webinar is designed to develop alert, capable tellers who can minimize losses, follow explicit instructions, and provide quality customer service.

January Jumpstart for Supervisors

As we begin a new year, it’s safe to assume that last year’s goals won’t produce the results you want for this year. There is no better time to exercise your leadership muscles, grow a healthier team, and achieve your best year yet!

Coaching Tellers to Excellence CU

This program will help you see how you can put coaching techniques into your leadership skills and get positive and meaningful results.