Leadership Skills

Coaching Tellers to Excellence

This webinar teaches managers and supervisors how to improve their teller’s performance with on-purpose and spontaneous coaching.

How to Become a Role Model

How to Become a Role Model

A role model is a person who others look up to, admire and want to emulate. A role model provides inspiration and sparks motivation to seek out accomplishments. Role models send messages about their beliefs by what they do and say. They refrain from boasting and are quick to say I messed up. So, how do you become …

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Simple Tips for Success

Simple Tips for Success

I am very committed and involved in the Prison Entrepreneurship Program.  I volunteer monthly.  I recently went to hear 87-year old W. Wilson, Jr. give advice to the graduates of this program.  I think his is great advice for anyone so today I will share his wise words with you.  I wish you could have …

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Teller Coaching

Successful supervisors coach their team towards achievement. A bank teller equipped with great training and superior coaching will find success. In an atmosphere where team members can fully use their skills, knowledge and creativity, they reach the goals of the department and the company. The supervisor’s job is to encourage the team, organize ongoing work with clear direction …

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Successful Leadership Top 10

Moses didn’t bring these ten down from the mountain top but I suspect he’d think they help support what was on the tablets.  Are you mastering these key behaviors of a successful leader? Have integrity –  without it, everything else is for nothing.  Do what you say you are going to do. Be a grown-up …

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