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Building Employee Performance Plans

Often employees know what is expected of them only to find out during performance reviews or discussions that the employee was not well informed of the expectations for performance and behavior. It is recommended that leaders take the time to build performance plans for each job description they are responsible for. In our Supervisor Boot …

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Need Job Satisfaction?

Need Job Satisfaction?

What is Job Satisfaction Exactly? There are long lists of things that contribute to employee satisfaction.  One thing that gives confidence to an employee is to clearly know what they are to do and how to do it.  The astute company learns that happy workers work more effectively than unhappy workers. Job satisfaction is elevated by …

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Yikes, I Hired the Wrong Person

Yikes, I Hired the Wrong Person!

Has it Happened to You? Have you ever thought: “Yikes, I hired the wrong person”? Hiring a misfit can be disastrous on many levels. The whole culture of your workplace can be affected.  Good employees may leave out of frustration. The new hire can cause havoc and make costly mistakes. And you may be charged …

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Wow Your New Hire!

Helping your new hire get off on the right foot starts before their first day. New employee indoctrination begins with how they learn about the opportunity, the interview process and how they are introduced to their new job and co-workers. Starting a new job is stressful, exciting and challenging. What can you do to make …

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