Employee Development

15 Reasons Training Doesn’t Stick

Join one of the country’s premier train the trainer instructors on how to get the most return on your training investment by staying in the right lane when you want to turnaround or prevent perform…

Branch Manager Best Practices

How do you excel at leading while fulfilling your responsibilities as a branch manager? It’s a challenge, and this program is aimed at helping you meet it!

Business Development Skills

Online seminar for those with business development responsibilities. Learn thought-processes and behaviors to expand client relationships.

You’re the New Supervisor

90-minute leadership skill-building webinar with Honey Shelton. Learn how to be successful in your new role as a Supervisor!

Train Smarter & More Effectively

A 90-minute webinar on learning how to design training that promotes learner involvement and how to properly use training manuals.

Headache Remedies for Supervisors

Learn how to encourage Personal Accountability with your staff by addressing chronic behaviors that work against the culture and work environment you want to have in place.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Supervisors

Supervisors must master the art of juggling – staff, schedules, meetings, compliance concerns, goals that must be met, deadlines that won’t wait, on-going training needs, serving as a back-up for the employee that didn’t come in…the list goes on and on. We’ll discuss how to keep all the balls in the air without breaking a sweat.  This program will ramp up your leadership skills and address critical supervisory issues necessary to becoming an extraordinary supervisor.

Gutsy Managers Engage Employees

Gutsy Managers Engage Employees

Drive Results, Engage Employees The most important decision executives make is whom they name as manager, at all levels throughout the company. The pivotal point to drive results sits in the lap of the front-line managers. They are the leaders that have everyday interaction with up to 90% of the workforce. They’re the ones who …

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Embrace your failures

Embrace Your Failures

Our modern society conditions us to avoid fiascos. The thought of failing stresses us out when we are expected to impress our manager with exceptional results just as it did when we were kids wanting to impress our parents in a school play. While a failure might knock you down temporarily, it’s important to get …

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