Customer Service Training

Member Services vs. Member Experience- Credit Union

Aimed at all frontline staff, teller supervisors, tellers, call center, member service reps and branch managers, this program will allow participants to excel at creating a service experience that wows the member.

Nailing Your Job of Head Teller

Frontline positions are, without question, one of the most critical jobs at any financial institution. Frontline staff has the best opportunity to reflect the bank’s values and ambitions for customer service. It’s essential that your frontline staff has a well-trained leader that has the capacity and takes responsibility for developing a dynamic team.

Train Smarter and More Effectively

Are you tired of staff complaining about ALL THE MANDATORY training they are expected to complete? Does it frustrate you when you see people skip the content of online training and rush through the test? You expect your people to learn, so we are going to put complaining on a diet at your company!

Frontline Fundamentals (Virtual)

Let’s get back to basics and re-discover the fundamentals we all need to know on the frontline while working directly with members.

techniques for evaluating customer service

Evaluating Your Customer Service

Evaluating your customer service is crucial in today’s competitive landscape. Even if it scares you, feedback is important. Celebrate the positive feedback and learn from the disappointments and issues customers have. Remember: you can’t change anything you didn’t know about.

Why Do Customers Stop Coming Back?

Why Do Customers Stop Coming Back?

There are many reasons why customers stop coming and take their business elsewhere. Sometimes this is simply unavoidable because the customer moves or is persuaded by a friend or family member with a powerful opinion. But what about the reasons you can impact? Are you influencing their decision to come back where you can? Here are three key factors that …

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Training Matters Talk Show Episode 8: Training Resources You Should Tap Into

Training Resources You Should Tap Into

In episode 8 of Training Matters, Honey Shelton welcomes Kathy Box, Executive Vice President of Professional Development with the Texas Bankers Association in Austin, Texas. Kathy manages all educational activities at Texas Bankers Association for the last 20 years. Honey talks to her about what bankers associations can do for you and about all the training resources that …

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Training Matters Talk Show Episode 6 Take it Up a Notch at Your Branch

Take it Up a Notch at the Branch

Honey talks with InterAction Training’s very own Zack Merrill. Zack is a Certified Bank Training Professional and Senior Training Consultant. He was previously responsible for managing a branch, determining and developing training needs, and finding the right people for the bank. His unique combination of responsibilities has given him valuable insights in how to manage your branch …

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Training Matters Talk Show Episode 5 Call Center Best Practices

Call Center Best Practices

In this month’s Training Matters, Honey talks to Adelee Mirelez, Performance Improvement Consultant and Director of the Contact Center at Insperity. They discuss call center best practices and call center management. Adelee shares the secrets on finding the right call centers agents and providing amazing training to ensure they really excel. You will learn how to stay on …

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Honey Shelton's Blog: Generational Retention

What to do About Generational Retention

One of my colleagues that I truly admire, Trent Fleming, wrote in his blog about generational retention. This topic concerns every financial institution but especially the rural communities. Here’s what Trent shared… The Keys to Generational Retention This material originally appeared on my Rural Economic Revitalization Blog at www.arkansawriverwriter.blogspot.comThe Des Moines Register recently reported that 50% …

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Angry Customers

Angry Customers

We all have to deal with angry customers.  Since so many customers now do most of their banking online or at ATMs, the only time they come into a branch or call you may be when there is a problem.  When there is a problem they can’t resolve on their own, they tend to take …

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Technology and Cost Control for Banks and Credit Unions

Technology and Cost Control

In my last blog post I discussed the importance of keeping up with technologies. Trent Fleming recently wrote a blog on how to technology can affect cost control in your bank or credit union branch. Particularly interesting is recognizing the opportunity to not just save money, but make money by getting customers to use their debit …

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