Customer Relationship

Nailing Your Job of Head Teller

Frontline positions are, without question, one of the most critical jobs at any financial institution. Frontline staff has the best opportunity to reflect the bank’s values and ambitions for customer service. It’s essential that your frontline staff has a well-trained leader that has the capacity and takes responsibility for developing a dynamic team.

These People Drive Me Crazy

These People Drive Me Crazy!

These People Drive me Crazy! How long has it been since you’ve said that? How long have you been the topic of someone else’s drives-me-crazy list? We have all been there, that’s for sure! When you think to yourself: “These people drive me crazy!”, there’s no doubt at some point your bell was rung! This is …

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Honey Shelton's Blog: Generational Retention

What to do About Generational Retention

One of my colleagues that I truly admire, Trent Fleming, wrote in his blog about generational retention. This topic concerns every financial institution but especially the rural communities. Here’s what Trent shared… The Keys to Generational Retention This material originally appeared on my Rural Economic Revitalization Blog at www.arkansawriverwriter.blogspot.comThe Des Moines Register recently reported that 50% …

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Teamwork Worked for the Mavs

I am a die-hard basketball fan.  I was a Rockets season ticket holder for years during the Hakeem and Rudy T. days.  My favorite month of the year is March.  In a perfect world I would be at every Final Four, every year! What I love about the sport is that it’s unquestionably a team …

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The Power of Words

Words have always fascinated me. Words empower us to express ourselves and show to others who we are and what we think, believe and feel.   The spoken or written word can be positive and uplifting or can be cruel and wreak havoc on lives and situations. And sometimes, truthful words can be exactly what someone …

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What do you Gamble on?

The stakes can be high when you ignore what you need and grab what you want.  There seems to be a variety of approaches we choose in order to get what we need and want.  An approach may be thoughtful or it could  be a roll of the dice  Sometimes when we consider what we …

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Amen, Oprah!

For those closest to me they know I am not a devoted Oprah follower.  Her power at times has been alarming to me and her ability to blacklist or blindly support others has been something I have been skeptical about.  Sometimes I thought she would cross from talk show to therapist to censor and campaign manager.  But her audience loved …

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Identify Theft at Any Age

Identity theft has been an increasing problem for many Americans who were cruising along naively thinking their financial lives were safe and secure.  The media coverage of this intrusion brought awareness of this issue and as a result more people began to monitor their credit history, activity and ratings.  The newest target of this problem …

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