Spotting Opportunities and Making Referrals

Curiosity about the customer leads to engagement that can provide discovery of a life event, need or problem that an attentive call center agent or branch staff person can offer a solution or a referral that results in a satisfying match.

Coaching Tellers to Excellence

This webinar teaches managers and supervisors how to improve their teller’s performance with on-purpose and spontaneous coaching.

Motivating & Managing the Frontline

Do you want your frontline staff to demonstrate professional maturity, be accountable, and excel at service? Motivating & Managing the Frontline focuses on improving your performance management skills. Why? Because that’s the key to motivated and responsible employees.

Managing a Successful Call Center

This Call Center management Webinar will ensure your internal processes are top-notch and your agents know how to effectively use the technology. Janice will also help Call Center Managers ensure that they have well-trained agents in the Call Center. Agents who execute their responsibilities and duties effectively.

8 Steps to Improve Cross-Selling

Head tellers primarily coach, train, and problem-solve. It’s essential for your frontline to have a head teller with the capacity to develop a dynamic team.

techniques for evaluating customer service

Evaluating Your Customer Service

Evaluating your customer service is crucial in today’s competitive landscape. Even if it scares you, feedback is important. Celebrate the positive feedback and learn from the disappointments and issues customers have. Remember: you can’t change anything you didn’t know about.

Happy Thanksgiving

Pick Up the Pace for Cross-Selling

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of the year to pick up the pace for cross-selling. Everyone is busy, has gift giving on their mind and appreciates someone that shows interest in them. Sometimes we avoid cross selling because we just don’t know what to say. Try some of these scripting ideas: Mrs. Reed, any special plans …

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Cross-Selling at the Branch

Are you aware that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell an additional product or service to an existing customer? Cross-selling is an ideal way to expand a customer’s relationship with your institution.  Everyone in your company could be cross-selling.  Branch managers, retail staff, and contact center …

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