Computer Skills

How's Your Relationship with E-Mail?

How Do You Organize Your Inbox?

How Do You Organize Your Inbox? DO you organize your inbox? When you open your inbox, do you hold your breath in fear of an avalanche of new e-mails? There’s no denying that e-mail makes us feel overwhelmed and anxious, even stressed. Each new message is screaming for attention and we usually feel obligated to …

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Writing Effective Emails from Honey Shelton's Blog

5 Email Best Practices

We get a lot of emails when we’re at work. The average number is around 80 per day. Without proper time management we quickly end up spending hours scrolling through and looking for a specific message. In the midst of email overload it’s easy to overlook something important. Practice the habit of cleaning up your …

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Honey Shelton's Blog: Generational Retention

What to do About Generational Retention

One of my colleagues that I truly admire, Trent Fleming, wrote in his blog about generational retention. This topic concerns every financial institution but especially the rural communities. Here’s what Trent shared… The Keys to Generational Retention This material originally appeared on my Rural Economic Revitalization Blog at www.arkansawriverwriter.blogspot.comThe Des Moines Register recently reported that 50% …

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Be More Productive with Mind Mapping

Be More Productive with Mind Mapping

Before I can get anything produced I must get organized and come up with a plan, through mind mapping! Through mind mapping I can capture my ideas, visualize information, plan big projects, and manage my daily tasks. Tame Your Mind With Mind Mapping A creative mind is sometimes very hard to tame. I’m always on the search for useful …

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Technology and Cost Control for Banks and Credit Unions

Technology and Cost Control

In my last blog post I discussed the importance of keeping up with technologies. Trent Fleming recently wrote a blog on how to technology can affect cost control in your bank or credit union branch. Particularly interesting is recognizing the opportunity to not just save money, but make money by getting customers to use their debit …

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Bank Technology

Bank Technology

How is Bank Technology Helping You? Keeping up with changes in technology can feel like catching a bullet train. Technology in credit unions and banks is incredibly helpful to us and to our customer. In order for the technology to be helpful, we must stay current in our understanding.  The more we understand and are able to …

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Gadget Overload

Do you have a smartphone? How about a Kindle, music player or perhaps smartwatch? Possibly a laptop, perhaps even two? When you get ready to leave town, can you decide how many devices are coming with you? I certainly can’t! I have a drawer I call the graveyard. It’s populated by old cell phones, USB sticks and outdated software discs. Do you have a couple of old PCs …

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