Banking Regulations

Training Matters Talk Show: Can You Simplify Compliance?

Can You Simplify Compliance?

Many of the people we work with ask us about regulatory issues. For this month’s Training Matters, Honey sought out an expert on the matter. How do you stay ahead of the burden of compliance? Darlia Fogarty from Compliance Alliance shares her expertise to answer all your questions related to the topic. About our Guest Darlia …

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Happy Thanksgiving

Pick Up the Pace for Cross-Selling

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of the year to pick up the pace for cross-selling. Everyone is busy, has gift giving on their mind and appreciates someone that shows interest in them. Sometimes we avoid cross selling because we just don’t know what to say. Try some of these scripting ideas: Mrs. Reed, any special plans …

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The Bank Teller & The Bank Secrecy Act

Since inception, the Bank Secrecy Act’s impact on the teller position has been, in large part, about complying with the regulation’s requirement to report and/or maintain information on certain cash transactions. Your financial institution will provide you with required Bank Secrecy Act training. Use this checklist to verify your expertise. Bank Secrecy Act Checklist for …

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Customer Objections and Cross-Selling

Prepare for customer objections When timing is good always find out what the customer objections, concerns or reservations are when you suggest a product or service. Gentle probing will help you and your company in several ways: When you know why the customer won’t buy you can share more information or clarify facts. When customer’s …

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Cross-Selling Tips for Bankers

Always set the stage for cross-selling with excellent service and a positive image! Start your day off with cleaning up your work area, stocking it with supplies and marketing material. Include brochures, business cards and if you have a special offer create a tent card for your window by tastefully mounting a screen shot or …

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Customer Service Reality Check

Customers like to be treated like they matter to you! Have you ever noticed that some things seem so clear from the outside, yet from within, things become cloudy and confused? We often see this in politics, when we accuse—often with good reason—elected officials for being “out of touch with reality”. What seems like common sense …

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