Successful Leadership Top 10

Moses didn’t bring these ten down from the mountain top but I suspect he’d think they help support what was on the tablets.  Are you mastering these key behaviors of a successful leader?

  1. Have integrity –  without it, everything else is for nothing.  Do what you say you are going to do.
  2. Be a grown-up – never getting emotionally negative with people – no shouting, demeaning, or ranting, even if you feel very upset or angry.
  3. Lead by example – act and work in a way that would make your mother pleased and you proud if a team member mimicked you.
  4. Help and work alongside your people when they need it.
  5. Practice fairness – treat everyone equally and on merit.  The opposite of this would be to act out prejudice or favoritism.
  6. Be firm, consistent and clear in dealing with bad or unethical behavior.
  7. Excel as a listener – Work to truly understand people, and convey your understanding. (understanding is different to agreeing).
  8. Always giving your people the credit for your successes.
  9. Never practice self-promoting.
  10. Be decisive – even if the decision is to delegate or do nothing if appropriate. Be known as one who makes fair and balanced decisions.
    There is a sign in my office that says “People that stand for nothing, fall for everything.” So make a stand and you will be a successful leader.

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Still learning,