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Speed Up Your Cyberspace Search Skills

Like you I am always trying to save time when I am searching the Internet for help and information. I asked our IT/Project Coordinator, Maarten Cappaert, for some helpful tips and short cuts when doing a search on the Internet and check out what he came up with!

Google Search Tips (Part 1 of 2)

Want to enhance your searching skills and get the results you are looking for in a flash? Here are some quick tips, each with an example of how to use them.

  • Want to look for something specific? Use quotation marks around your topic:
    Sales Training will get more targeted results compared to Sales Training
  • If you want to exclude something from your search results, use a minus symbol.
    Bank -”Credit Union will hide all results for credit unions and just show you banks.
  • If you want to search only on a specific site, use site: followed by the site you want to search.
    boot camp site:interaction-training.com
  • If you are looking for other sites that mention something from your own site, use link:
    boot camp link:interaction-training.com
  • Looking for something in a specific range? Place two periods between your lowest and highest value.
    Ford Explorer 2004..2005
  • Looking for a PowerPoint presentation? Tell Google just that by adding filetype:PPT to your search query. This works with other file types too!


If remembering all these search keys is a little daunting, you can also use the easy-to-fill-out form at www.google.com/advanced_search to do exactly the same, plus some additional, less common tricks!

In part 2, Maarten will share about Google’s Smart Search features and Get on Your Mark to Use Shortcuts!

Thanks, Maarten!

Still learning,