Training Matters Episode 17: Social Media How-To for Banks and Credit Unions

Social Media How-To for Banks and Credit Unions

What does your online identity look like? Does your credit union or bank have a social media presence? If so, are you actively and consciously using social media? Honey talks to Amy Howell, CEO and Founder of Howell Marketing Strategies. Amy and Honey discuss the do’s and don’ts of social media for banks and credit unions. How does social media fit in the highly regulated world of banking? What can you share with your customers? What social media platform should your bank or credit union use? Who should be using it on your organization’s behalf? If you’re not sure what social media for banks or credit unions looks like, this is the episode for you. Learn the answers to your questions from social media expert Amy Howell.

About our Guest

Formerly from Texas and Alabama, Amy Howell has been in Memphis working in the marketing & public relations field since graduating from Rhodes College in 1986. Founded in 1994, Howell Marketing Strategies, LLC serves clients of all sizes in a variety of industries such as real estate, banking, aviation, manufacturing, service firms and more. Howell is a veteran marketing professional having earned numerous awards for her work, most recently garnering a national award for SEO use.

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