My purpose as a coach is to help you learn how to master self-evaluation and increase your Emotional IQ. You will discover how important it is to identify and focus on what you want and build a personal plan to pursue your goals.  We will also aim to elevate your professional effectiveness by analyzing how you and others behave in a work environment and what you can do to make improvements.

How you can benefit from coaching
How your company benefits from coaching

The Coaching Process

Every new coaching client will be sent a link to complete a personality profile online. The report with your results will be emailed to you and to your coach. The in-depth report will help you better understand yourself. Your results will be discussed with your coach on your initial call and will help you establish actionable goals. The report will also serve as a reference throughout coaching.

All telephone coaching calls last 50 minutes and are typically scheduled twice a month. If you are a regular coaching client, your sessions are considered dedicated time and your coach will flexibly work out meeting with you during the month. You or your company will be billed for every two coaching sessions until you or your company requests to stop coaching. Coaching sessions are scheduled through calendar invitations.

All coaching calls are confidential. Your personality profile summary is shared with your employer if they purchased it. The details of your coaching sessions are yours and only yours to share. You are encouraged to write a summary of how coaching is working for you, what you are learning, etc. to your manager and HR every 3-4 months. On occasion, your coach may ask for your permission to discuss something we are working on with your manager or HR. Your choice will always be respected. Only in a high-risk situation will information from our private conversation be shared. That has not happened in our practice, but we know it is important to disclose this fact.

You will be encouraged to select a book from this list and read it.

As much as talent counts, effort counts twice
Angela Duckworth

Coaching Cost

Signup fee, inlcuding personality assessment $175
Two monthly coaching sessions (50 minutes) @ $175 each $350

All my coaching clients have gained company support and expense approval for coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

The total amount of sessions depends on your goals and the company’s ambitions. Ultimately, you decide when you are satisfied with the progress you made. At a minimum, there will be one onboarding sessions followed by three coaching sessions, typically over the course of two to four months.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes.

Yes. You are free to discuss your session with anyone but your coach will never share anything without your permission, including your manager or leadership.

Coaching sessions happen over the phone. It is possible that your company holds a workshop or retreat prior to the individual coaching calls.