Pump Up The Bottom Line With Engaged Employees

Pump Up the Bottom Line with Engaged Employees

What is the motivation to investigate and implement strategies that promote employee engagement? Gallup says that disengaged employees may be costing the US economy $450-$550 billion per year! Their research goes on to say that on the average ONLY 30% of the workforce is engaged. The remaining 70% are most likely committed to undermining what engaged workers accomplish.

Imagine the results at your shop if you could bump up the number of engaged employees. Engaged employees are more dependable, they operate from a “can do” way of thinking versus “can’t do”. Engaged employees are 21% more productivity and leave customers feeling appreciated and cared about. Happy, capable employees help recruit happy, capable new hires. Happy employees leave a positive impression on the customer and the end result is happier customers. Happy customers refer new customers.

Empowering and engaging your employees is about leadership. Provide innovative and effective leadership training. Set the bar high for management; leaders are to be on the lookout for ways to encourage and challenge employees to stretch and discover their potential. Inspiring and coaching employees to increase their capability.

The most engaged workers say they work for a leader that has confidence in them. The road to engagement for employees is paved with a sense of responsibility towards their leaders and a belief that what they do and how they do it is valued.

There isn’t a vaccination or miracle vitamin that ensures employee engagement. What brings engaged employees forward in the workplace is leadership. Leadership is a skill. Provide leadership training. Expect managers to learn how to lead. Do this and your leaders will pump up the bottom line with engaged employees.

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders – Tom Peters

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