Frontline Fundamentals

Frontline Fundamentals is a fast-paced workshop about expertise and performance. This workshop focuses on key issues that frontline staff must manage effectively every day. Participants will heighten their awareness and learn techniques for selling, delivering service, and compliance follow-through.

Can your staff identify what customers need? Can they provide solutions? Can they resolve issues with difficult or upset customers? What about introducing products and services effectively? Can they convey what is required of the customer when it comes to the bank’s CIP program? The key to success is communicating the right message at the right time.

Frontline Fundamentals will make your staff more confident and capable of making the most of encounters with the customer. Whether it is a sales opportunity, a service request, or a time when an explanation is needed concerning policy, regulations, or procedures, this highly informative workshop will enable your staff to be successful. Your internal auditor and compliance officer will appreciate that attendees will review a self-evaluation checklist that serves as an important reminder.

Attendees Will:

  • Stay alert for money laundering scams
  • Be on guard for the latest scams, counterfeit ID, currency and checks
  • Understand the critical pieces to REG CC and BSA for the frontline
  • Turn a complaint into an opportunity
  • Manage tough questions like a pro
  • Convey the why and how associated with policies and regulations in customer-friendly language
  • Quickly identify what products or services are a good match for your customer
  • Cement the customer’s relationship with your bank with tasteful cross-selling and referral skills
  • Grow interest from regulators about compliance concerns
  • Understand risks associated with oversight or ho-hum attitudes when it comes to sales, service, and compliance
  • See the benefits of teamwork and quality service
  • Learn five things to always do when waiting for a customer
  • Identify seven products every customer should have
  • Review a frontline-related checklist that hits home on audit and compliance


Frontline Fundamentals is available as a full day event at your location. Virtual programs are available for this session.