Understanding Yourself and Others

Understanding Yourself and Others focuses on elevating your personal effectiveness and relation to others. The program emphasizes how the way we communicate impacts trust, quality, and outcomes. What we say and how we say it changes how we work with others and can make or break customer confidence.

Highly successful people know that it’s vitally important to understand yourself. Realizing why and how we affect others and how others affect us enables us to make better choices when we engage in conversation.

During this event, you will learn to understand and appreciate your strengths and weaknesses and why it’s important to make the most of your strengths and how to manage your limitations. You will discover the blind spots in the choices that you make. The program also explores the importance of a positive attitude about yourself and how to develop it. The outcome is more trust and confidence others place in you.

You will develop your ability to study situations and people and adopt appropriate behavioral strategies that result in top notch service and improved sales results. We cannot change others, but this program will show you how you can adapt to others effectively, without choosing manipulation or a negative approach that erodes trust.

Participants also complete a self-scoring profile that will enlighten them about their personal communication style and interpersonal skills. The process is highly useful for organizations determined to improve communication, service quality, and consultative selling. Employees will buzz about what they’ve learned and the motivational insight it brought to the workplace.


  • Renew the enthusiasm for being a team player
  • Learn the value of little things that make a big difference
  • Increased responsibility for personal success
  • Improved choices when it comes to communicating with others


This topic is available as a conference topic or as a half-day workshop at your location. Virtual programs are available for this session.