Supervisor Boot Camp

You don’t master the art of supervision through luck; you master it with training, experience, self-learning, and applying best practices. As a supervisor, you must have the attitude, aptitude, skill-set, confidence, persistence, and commitment to excel in this multi-tasking, challenging role. This two-day supervisor training will help take your expertise to a new level as you learn how to collaborate and coach your employees to excel on the job.

Explore the coaching and leadership skills that lay out your plan for success as a highly effective supervisor in this results-oriented workshop!

Whether they’re new or seasoned supervisors, attendees find this experiential supervisor training invigorating, motivating and applicable to managing and supervising others. You will learn how to manage crucial conversations and challenging situations. You will master a coaching approach that encourages your staff to be engaged and accountable.

Supervisor Boot Camp is the training your company needs to keep Supervisors on the competitive edge! This intense focus on coaching and leading will leave participants eager to implement what they’ve learned.


  • Learn to motivate yourself and others
  • Gain buy-in from your team
  • Challenge the way you look at motivation
  • Setting standards for quality work
  • Coaching techniques that deliver results
  • Empower and encourage staff
  • Address difficult or uninspired team members
  • Nix resistance and unacceptable behaviors
  • Communicating with positive confrontation
  • Ask the right questions using the WDEP system
  • Improving your effectiveness
  • Creative alternatives to handle tough challenges
  • Manage your workload efficiently
  • Skills in giving and receiving feedback
  • Boost your problem-solving and risk-assessment skills
  • Building an improvement plan


“My team went to this training together and I continue to be impressed with what they learned and have put into practice.”

 “The absolute best training I have ever attended!”

 “I needed this training twenty years ago, thank you!”

 “I cannot wait to go back and put this to work.”

 “Supervisor Boot Camp is the best investment my company has made in me.”


Supervisor Boot Camp is available as a two-day workshop at your location. Virtual programs are available for this session.