Call Center Management Training

Call centers can create a competitive advantage for organizations that learn to run them well, whether there are two or two hundred people answering calls. In most cases, calls are answered by an automated voice response system (AVRS) that allows the caller to determine where they need to be routed. Routing the person to the agent best suited to assisting the caller streamlines the process… in theory! While this process makes sense for the business, callers can become frustrated with the endless loops of options to choose from so that when an agent finally comes on the line they are met by a frustrated caller!

Three factors must be present to deliver on an exceptional call center experience. 1) The call center must employ effective people. 2) Internal processes must be clear and adhered to. 3) The appropriate IT systems must be in place. Call Center Managers are tasked with making these key factors work together smoothly to deliver on the promise of a world-class service delivery proposition. This Call Center Management training will ensure that your call center’s internal processes are top-notch and your agents know how to effectively use the tools that are available to them. This program will also help Call Center Managers ensure that they have well-trained agents in the Call Center; Agents who execute their responsibilities and duties effectively!

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  • Establish training curriculum for call center agents
  • Determine and institute a call flow guide
  • Create a motivational work environment
  • Build consistency between agents
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce excessive call waiting
  • Practice coaching techniques that increase agent performance


Our call center management training is available as a two-hour webinar, a half-day workshop, or a full day workshop at your location. Virtual programs are available for this session.