Put Your Best Foot Forward


Paying more attention to how we act and what we need to do. It’s a challenge we all face. Especially on the job, it’s easy to turn our focus on what others should or shouldn’t do. Encourage and educate yourself and your staff on what they can do to become a better employee in this fast-moving, one-hour webinar.

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CD-ROM edition of The Training Institute’s September 2016 webinar with Honey Shelton: Put Your Best Foot Forward.

How to Project a Professional Image

Given that professional image is self-controlled, can anyone afford not to build a more positive image? Join Honey Shelton and learn what choices you can make that help you put your best foot forward and project a professional image.

  • Pay attention to how you look, sound and dress
  • Be assertive – not aggressive
  • Are you a clock watcher or eager to help?
  • Discover the importance of behavior management
  • Choose words that create positive results
  • Make the connection between emotional maturity and professional behavior
  • Communicate with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Demonstrate behaviors that make others feel comfortable


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