One-On-One Training: Best Practices

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Almost everyone in the workplace is called upon to train or coach someone on a task, process, service standard or regulation. This worksheet is an overview of best practices you need to be aware of during one-on-one training. It was developed by Dennise Meek (CBTP) as part of her Certified Bank Training Professional training. This worksheet leans on practices taught in the Deliver Module, the fourth element of the A-E Professional Development Model.

2 reviews for One-On-One Training: Best Practices

  1. Leslie Seeley

    One-On-One Training: Best Practices is a one page anchor for my three Ps ship. Preparation, Passionate, & Personable are all covered in the Deliver module of the A-E Model. My fourth P is Procrastination. This little guide keeps me on track, even if I do procrastinate a bit.

  2. Cairie Chambers

    I had a one-on-one training session yesterday and I used the form to prepare for the session and I found the preparation piece the most helpful. It helped me to outline the day, make sure I was prepared for the session by having all of my materials prepared, and allowed me to prepare for interruptions. Since I was already familiar with the employee I was training so I didn’t really use the Passionate and Personable pieces of the form, but I think it would be valuable if I wasn’t already familiar and comfortable with the person I was training.

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