Everything DiSC Workplace Profile


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Build better relationships — one relationship at a time

The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace. Participants understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with. The result is more effective and productive working relationships. The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile offers an in-depth look through an online assessment with a 20-page workplace-specific profile that helps you identify and explore the priorities that drive you.

Everything DiSC Workplace focuses on:

  • Discovering Your DiSC Style
  • Understanding Other Styles
  • Building More Effective Relationships
  • Includes Optional People-Reading Module

What is a DiSC profile?

A DiSC profile is a non-judgemental tool used for discussion of people’s behavioral differences. You’ll complete a series of questions that produce a detailed report about your personality and enables you to better understand yourself and your behaviors with others – within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationships.

  • Increase your self-knowledge: how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress and how you solve problems
  • Improve working relationships by recognizing the communication needs of team members
  • Facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict
  • Develop stronger sales skills by identifying and responding to customer styles
  • Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members
  • Become more self-knowledgeable, well-rounded and effective leaders