The Value of Feedback in the Workplace


Giving and receiving effective feedback in the workplace can be hard. Become a pro at feedback with this 21-page whitepaper! Download your free copy now!

Are you quick to become defensive or fearful when someone says, “we need to talk?” Most of us cringe when feedback pops up at work or in a friendship. Most of us had little coaching or training on how to be effective at soliciting, offering, or receiving feedback. Becoming a pro at feedback is invaluable and this 20-page whitepaper plus action plan will help you with that!

The whitepaper and action plan are completely FREE and cover:

  • What is feedback
  • Why is feedback important
  • Who needs feedback
  • What’s the impact of feedback
  • 5-step feedback plan
  • Giving meaningful, balanced, and subtle feedback
  • Using the STAR model
  • Dealing with emotional reactions to feedback
  • Giving feedback to a superior or manager
  • How to ask for feedback
  • The right attitude towards receiving feedback