Dealing with Cranky & Difficult Customers


Dealing with Cranky & Difficult Customers provides you with tactics and techniques for dealing with frustrating behaviors. Includes a handy checklist!

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Dealing with Cranky & Difficult Customers… External and Internal

Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed! Have you ever said or thought that? Customer interactions can sometimes cause us to feel that way. Most of us have some dealings with people that are cranky and difficult! There are easily more than a dozen behaviors that can be identified as “difficult” there are few that can potentially “flip your switch” and all of us know what that means! This program will provide you with beneficial tactics and practical techniques for dealing with frustrating behaviors.

Succeeding with these customers requires that you bring your best listening skills to the conversation. This program includes a handy checklist to print out to refer to. It includes key reminders such as:

  • Do your best to hold off on solutions, judgments or conclusions until you have the full story.
  • Be curious and have an open mind.
  • View the situation from the other person’s perspective rather than your own.

Instead of dreading the next difficult behaviors that present themselves, you will learn how to become better prepared to manage stressful interactions in a constructive way.

What You Will Learn

  • Reduce the Threat, Gain Respect
  • Manage Your Reaction
  • What Works, What Doesn’t
  • Rules of Resolution
  • Offer Alternatives that Lead to Solutions

Who Should Attend?

Frontline service providers, managers, supervisors, and professionals who want to enhance their ability and benefit from gaining knowledge and tips on dealing with cranky and difficult customers.


Honey Shelton - PresidentHoney Shelton brings the best of both worlds to her speaking and training engagements. She has 30 plus years of experience as a training and quality improvement consultant for banks and banking associations across the country. Her substantial banking background includes spending three years as Executive Vice President/Chief Retail Banking Officer with a $1 billion South Texas bank.