A-E Professional Development Assignment

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The A-E Professional Development Assignment is a major step in the process of becoming a Certified Bank or Credit Union Training Professional (CBTP, CCUTP). The assignment will deepen your understanding of the A-E Professional Development Model. You will receive a task that will build on your knowledge of the model and prepare you for attending the Train the Trainer Advanced Week.

What exactly is the A-E Professional Development Assignment?

The goal of the assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the A-E Professional Development Model. You will be asked to create a 90 to 120-minute training session in which you teach the A-E Model to a (fictitious) newly hired trainer on your team. You’ll be asked to assess this new-hire, create some training materials that cater to their strengths and weaknesses, and tell us how you’ll evaluate your success.

The deadline for completion is 90 days after the assignment is purchased.

3 reviews for A-E Professional Development Assignment

  1. Leslie Seeley

    The A-E Professional Development Assignment is a challenging step on the way to certification. The three part approach makes the assignment manageable and ensures full understanding of the A-E Model. Completing the assignment is a fulfilling, formative experience for new trainers especially.

  2. Sunny Guild

    I found the mind map approach very helpful and a great way to get started.

  3. Karen Butcher

    I’ve been in the education and training profession for over 30 years. Honey’s certification program re-energized my passion for development. What I’ve learned and practiced through the first year of certification has helped me build training programs based on need and business objectives. It has raised the quality of our training programs.

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