Training Matters Episode 23: Positive Psychology - The Payoffs for Being a Positive Person

The Payoffs for Being a Positive Person

What are the challenges of being positive in the workplace? How do you manage employees who are stuck in negativity? Why are some people more pessimistic than others, and can you do something about that? Those any other questions are answered in this episode of Training Matters, in which Honey discusses the payoffs for being a positive person with Tina Hallis, certified expert in Positive Psychology.

About Our Guest

Tina Hallis worked in Biotechnology for over 20 years. She worked in small start-up companies and large corporations, from R&D to Operations, and, like so many of you, she enjoyed many great work experiences where she felt like she was adding value and having an impact. And, probably like many of you, Tina suffered through miserable situations that drained the life and joy out of her.

Then two things happened. First, Tina discovered a new science called Positive Psychology: A science focused on how we could all live our best lives!  It showed Tina how building our positivity could give us the necessary courage to quit a really bad job or to see more of the good aspects in a job where we were stuck in the negative. Positive Psychology had strategies she could actually use to improve her work experience, and it was information she could share to help others with theirs. The second thing that happened was that Tina was laid off from her job as a scientist. It was a tough time for biotechnology companies and there had been many layoffs. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something more with this Positive Psychology.

If there’s one place we could really use help staying positive, it’s at work. So Tina decided to start her own company, The Positive Edge, with the goal of bringing this information into organizations to help improve the quality of people’s work lives and the quality of company cultures. As part of this endeavor, Tina became certified in Positive Psychology through the WholeBeing Institute and an authorized partner for Everything DiSC®.

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