Happy Thanksgiving

Pick Up the Pace for Cross-Selling

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of the year to pick up the pace for cross-selling. Everyone is busy, has gift giving on their mind and appreciates someone that shows interest in them.

Sometimes we avoid cross selling because we just don’t know what to say. Try some of these scripting ideas:

Mrs. Reed, any special plans for thanksgiving?

Their answer could lead you to exploring the gift of a savings account for grandchildren or a line of credit to manage holiday expenses.

Good to see you, John, I’ve been meaning to ask you about activating the rewards benefit on your account. It’s a great way to build up points you can use on purchasing tools or gifts, are you ready to start earning those points?

Anytime you have an offer that saves the customer money or provides additional benefits engage them by asking or offering benefits related to the offer.

Mrs. Wilson, I noticed on your commercial checking account you don’t have our online, easy, and affordable payroll service. I want you to have this information; customers like you tell me this service has saved them time, stress and bookkeeping services. May I have a payroll specialist call you about automating your payroll?

Mr. Leland, are you aware I can waive your small business checking account fee each month when you open a commercial savings account with an automatic transfer of at least $100 each month? It’s a great deal, saves you money every month meanwhile you’re stashing away extra cash for the unexpected! Can I sign you up?

Convenience is everything to the customer. Like you they like fast, easy, convenience products and services. Turn the customer on to the products you have to offer that are of maximum convenience. Pick up the pace for cross-selling!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Still learning,