Nix Rudeness

You just can’t allow rudeness in your workplace.  Rudeness quickly ruins teamwork. Teamwork is a key element of a welcoming environment! Nix rudeness!

A rude employee brings down the morale of his colleagues, decreasing productivity and work satisfaction. If the employee shows his rude side to co-workers or customers, he could hurt business. Rude behavior often falls outside the scope of basic workplace policies, making it difficult to remedy and discipline. Squashing the rude behavior is essential to creating a more productive, positive work environment that all employees deserve. Learn to deal with the negative employee effectively to get the lousy behavior problem under control quickly.

You have choices:  Kill them with kindness, ask them to stop being rude, seek counsel from your manager but don’t ignore it for long or try to get even.  Protect your happiness and job satisfaction and seek a solution!

Rudeness is contagious, don’t start it and never spread it!

Still learning,