Need Job Satisfaction?

Need Job Satisfaction?

What is Job Satisfaction Exactly?

There are long lists of things that contribute to employee satisfaction.  One thing that gives confidence to an employee is to clearly know what they are to do and how to do it.  The astute company learns that happy workers work more effectively than unhappy workers. Job satisfaction is elevated by the effectiveness of the employee. It is a cycle and all three parts of the cycle feed off one another.

Training and Job Satisfaction Go Hand-in-Hand

One key component of working effectively is training.  How employees learn what is expected and how they are trained and coached to deliver expectations is the collective responsibility of the trainer, the supervisor and the learner.  A common misperception is that the burden of training falls on the shoulders of the training department.

These 5 Tips Will Result in Exceptional Job Satisfaction

  1. Stay in the real world. Training is not the sole responsibility of the trainer
  2. Employee learning and effectiveness requires commitment from all four stakeholders – the trainer, the learner, the supervisor and the owner
  3. Solicit the support of a champion as high up the food chain as you can go.  The Champion of Employee Satisfaction needs to be the CEO.
  4. Supervisors must be trained on how to coach and teach the staff on self-evaluation regarding effectiveness.
  5. Encourage your hiring manager to interview for talent that has a very high need for job satisfaction.
    • How important on a scale from 1-10 is it for you to obtain job satisfaction? Would you really hire someone that said 4?  Probably not.  Asking that question lays the groundwork for the supervisor and the trainer to say to the learner: I am here to help YOU get what YOU want.

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