Money Matters for the Teller! An Excerpt from our Teller Training Manual

Cash-handling is a key responsibility for every teller. Let’s talk about a few key disciplines for handling money from our Essential Teller Issues training manual:

  • All currency in the teller’s possession should be face-up, appear orderly and stored neatly.
  • When purchasing currency, the teller should verify the purchase immediately turn the strap or replace it with a new strap, stamp the strap with his or her teller stamp, and initial it. All strapped currency in the possession of a teller should have the purchasing teller’s initials and dated teller stamp on the upside of the strap. In order to prevent misuse, it is important all used currency straps be torn in two.
  • The teller’s cash handling responsibilities begin anew daily.  Starting with the moment the teller takes possession of the cash and right up to the point the money is returned for safekeeping at the end of the day. A best practice is for the teller to start the day counting and recording the cash drawer validating the drawer is intact.
  • If interrupted during counting, stop and start again. It’s better to take the extra minute than to shortchange or overpay someone.
  • Avoid making unnecessary conversation when counting cash or preparing a cashier’s check. Discipline is important to avoid being distracted during the counting steps.
  • Ask customers to count large amounts of cash before they leave the window. As an added precaution, follow procedures for having customers sign for large amounts of cash, to indicate receipt of the money.
  • Handling currency and coin in a consistent and professional manner assures the work is simplified and the chance of error is reduced. Equally important, tellers develop the skill to concentrate on both the transaction and the customer.
  • Ace all audits by following proper procedures and being consistent.

These are just a few of many disciplines that are important when handling money. Our Essential Teller Issues workbook is a comprehensive teller training manual that doubles as an on-the-job guide on professional maturity, accuracy, scam alertness, robbery preparedness, and so much more. Interested in a full-fledged teller training at your bank or credit union? Janice Branch has over 25 years of experience hosting our top-rated teller training across the country. Learn more about our teller training program here.

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