Mind Mapping - Best Tool in My Training Toolbox

Mind Mapping – Best Tool in My Training Toolbox

I am a major fan of mind mapping, I don’t know a tool I use that is more helpful when I want to construct a plan or teach others to retain information.
In every workshop I do today I teach my participants how to mind map.  It is spelled out in my latest Supervisor Manual. Recently in Virginia while doing a Train the Trainer program the response to mind mapping was very enthusiastic.

Randy Nicely, Vice President/Director of Training & Development with Valley Bank in Roanoke sent me the following email:

“Good afternoon Honey

I wanted to thank you again for sharing your expertise and experiences with me at the VBA training sessions.  I benefited greatly by attending both the Train the Trainer session and the Branch Leadership session.

I immediately began using Mind Mapping in my FSR School to assist them with product knowledge.  It is a great way for them to categorize information about a product (free, rewards, qualifications, non-qualifications, ancillary services, etc.).  They can self-test their knowledge at any time and then compare what they remembered to our Product Profiles we provided in training.

I plan to revisit your material, my many notes and my Action Plan after I teach one more FSR School this week.  You and Janice provided some excellent reminders as well as many new things for me think about as I continue to develop the training program here at Valley Bank.
I have registered for your newsletter and I look forward to attending future training sessions with you.”

All of us that train others, appreciate unsolicited testimony.  Thank you, Randy!

Still learning,