Managing Time is a Juggling Act

You know the challenges that come with managing time on the job!  Meetings here, there and everywhere, paperwork, phone calls, employees, customers, email… the list goes on and on. Here’s a few time management tips that will help you to not drop the ball and decrease your stress level!

Everyday make a list of what is to be done

  • If you don’t know what you should be doing, how can you manage your time to get it done?
  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Some people like writing this list out by hand because it shows commitment to each item.
  • Others like software that helps to slice and dice their to-do list into manageable, relevant chunks.
  • What on the list needs to be done first?  Second, etc.?
  • Put a time estimate by each item
  • Do a reality check – where do you need to make adjustments?

Retrieval is everything

  • Are you wasting time looking for items on your computer and your desk?
  • Organize a filing system and routinely file lower the stress of too much stuff not being where you can find it
  • Remember FDR when you open a document on your computer or review paper on your desk

One calendar – only one

  • More than one calendar in your life puts your reputation and your time at risk
  • Use a pencil if your one and only is a paper calendar
  • Key point – your to-do list is about what needs to get done, your calendar is about when it gets done

As a juggler learn how many balls you can keep in the air at one time.  Sometimes you have to say no or delegate.  Stay tuned on how to say no and how to delegate.

Still learning,